Drip Castle Q and A

Drip Castle Q and A

Drip Castle-Q and A

Q: Are the characters in the book based on real people?

A: The characters in Drip Castle are completely fictional(*checks off lawyer list*). They are a mishmash of many people I have experienced over the years with a healthy dose of imagination. The setting is loosely based on growing up in a number of small Northern Ontario towns.

Q: Is gold really transported that way?

A: Yes, but don’t get any ideas!

Q: Rick’s mom is a central character in the book but she is the only one you never give a voice. Why?

This is an interesting reader observation. I debated developing Rick’s mom’s character further through dialogue with the other characters but decided the plot could be driven forward just as efficiently with Ricks own narrative on his mom’s plight.

Q: What happened to Pat Galverson?

A: Nobody really knows(at least not yet!). The OPP suspect the DeMello twins but they deny this in any of a number of conversations they have with other characters throughout the book.

Q: Is there really a security clearance at Canadian airports called an A7?

A: Not that I’m aware of or at least that I can talk about ;).

Q: What happened to Chad DeMello, Marty DeMello’s son, after his fight with Milt Tonkin and disappearing into the bush?

A: Like Pat Galverson, this remains unresolved but it’s no wonder the OPP were having a hard time locating Chad. He is a self-taught survivalist. Even his gym teacher, Mr. Strott makes reference to this when he gives Chad his test back.

Q: Is Rick possibly still alive? Could he be in Mexico with the gold?

A: No. Many people have expressed disappointment of Rick’s demise. But if there is any doubt of his fate, see the prologue to the sequel on this site.

Q: I don’t understand Milt’s reference to Abigail, the lawyer, at the end of the book when he is questioned about the gold? Who has it?

A: There is an answer to this question but I won’t give it away, even here. There are clues in conversations between various characters throughout the book that point a reader in the right direction. Perhaps the sequel will shed more light?

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