About the Author

About the Author

Bruce Eberts grew up in Northern Ontario before heading south to Hamilton, Ontario to attend McMaster University and study Occupational Therapy. He successfully owned and operated a health care company which was sold in 2013.

He now lives a life of semi-retirement where his family and friends encouraged him to put his story telling to paper.

Drip Castle is his debut novel.

Author Q&A

What inspired you to write this book?

Like many authors, my story had been churning in my head for years. I grew up in the small northern Ontario mining towns of Ear Falls and Cochenour. Life, and by extension, the world, seemed simple for a young kid whose primary focus was to play road hockey and later as a teenager, too cool to wear a toque to high school in the dead of winter lest it mess one’s hair. What I came to realize, in my migratory university years to Southern Ontario, is Northern Ontario is special. The lifestyle, work, weather and of course the people all contribute to a unique area of Canada. A uniqueness that provides the perfect backdrop for a story.

What do you hope readers will get from reading your book?

I hope readers derive enjoyment from reading Drip Castle. It is designed to be a dialogue-driven, character-centric story. It was my intent for readers to feel and visualize every scene within the book as if they were watching everything unfold from an invisible vantage point.

Tell me something not in the synopsis.

There are some fun “Easter Eggs” contained in the story that become more apparent as it relates to Canada, northern Ontario and finally to the area of my hometown. Many things in the book are intentionally Canadian. This includes the use of words such as toque, mickey and pickerel. Every band mentioned playing on the radio or on a bar jukebox throughout the story is Canadian. This includes Trooper, April Wine, The Guess Who and Toronto.