The publishing journey continues with the release of “Closure” summer of 2023! Read on to see news of my first two books, Drip Castle and Liquid Moon.


Welcome to Drip Castle!

A story that will introduce you to the Northern Ontario town of Tear Falls. A tale about its unique residents where your mind’s eye view will allow you to follow their journey of mystery and intrigue to a conclusion that may have you reading the book twice!


Just finished reading this book. From a first-time author. Loved it. Good story, interesting topic, well written. Good job on character development and an interesting mystery. Nice, easy, enjoyable read. Well done and recommended.

– B. Nussbaum, Amazon Review

Drip Castle was an entirely entertaining read from start to finish! I’m not generally a fan of fiction, especially “whodunits”, but Drip Castle was a huge exception. I enjoyed reading it on the beach during my vacation and I was fascinated and captivated right from the beginning by this wonderfully interesting tale. The character development is outstanding…many are relatable, and the hateable ones are very hateable, but also with great humour and pathos. The story is fast-paced and is, quite literally, a page-turner.

– J.B. Kauffman, Amazon Review

Great book! I normally don’t read fiction but definitely worth it. Excited to read the sequel!

– Eduardo, Amazon Review

Fantastic tale from start to finish. Characterization is so well enhanced you feel you are right there watching the story unfold!
The kind of book movies are made from!

– Bill Jackson, Amazon Review

Liquid Moon

Liquid Moon is the sequel to Drip Castle and continues the story of a 1984 plane crash of lost gold near the northern Ontario town of Tear Falls. Taking place nine years later, a new set of characters seek to find fortune in the legendary plane crash. Their quest soon has them wandering and lost in a northern Ontario wilderness, at risk of suffering the same fate of the missing gold they are looking for.